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Near Field Communication (NFC)

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a new technology that allows customers to make transactions, exchanges digital content and connects electronic devices simply by holding a mobile phone enabled with NFC technology via onboard NFC chip or NFC sleeve, NFC Micro SD card or NFC enabled SIM card to a contactless reader. Multiple accounts such as credit, debit and prepaid bank accounts as well as loyalty programs, coupons, tickets and more can be securely stored in an e-wallet GPP on a mobile phone and a user-friendly menu allows customers to select the account they wish to access. .
In addition to managing multiple accounts, NFC technology also allows users to access digital content embedded in smart posters or billboards and allows users to transfer data to other NFC technology users including electronic business cards, event/product information and coupons/tickets. With its versatile nature, NFC is ideal for organizations for all industries including public transport, retail, entertainment, banking, health and more.
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