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OMA Emirates

Central Issuance Solutions

OMA Emirates provides complete solutions for personalization and post-issuance management of single and multi-application smart cards where information gathered from a number of locations is collected at a central point and all cards are personalized and prepared for distribution to cardholders. Complying with EMV security standards, high-level security is ensured through encryption using key management schemes (Master/Session, DUKPT and RTKS) and imported data from the card management system is provided with the necessary cryptography using SafeNet HSM. This in turn eliminates the threats of theft and fraud for banks and users allowing banks to focus on other business operations. .
Our central issuance solution allows banks to take full control of the issuance through inhouse personalization supporting multiple databases and allowing data retrieval, image capture, card issuance and reporting facilities. The solution supports issuance of Java TM, Multos and native cards as well as customizable import processes and interacts directly with CIM machines
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