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OMA Emirates

Card Management System

Most financial institutions are aware that consumers are becoming more educated and more demanding and are willing to compromise brand loyalty for better services. Our CMS offers cutting edge and ever-improving services to maintain highest customer service levels. CMS is a complete EMV certified system that manages both issuing and acquiring functions for private and international banking cards including card and merchant functionalities, payment authorization and account clearing and settlement. All approved authorizations can be controlled and monitored with CMS and instant transaction reports can be generated demonstrating statistics for all transaction activity. In addition to this, the system also performs clearing and settlement reports for transactions with other financial institutions. Our CMS supports all card technologies including magnetic strips and smart (chip) cards as well as all types of cards such as credit, debit, loyalty, EMV, etc. and can incorporate loyalty and incentive programs.
In keeping up with today’s global market, CMS operates in a multi-institutional environment with customizable business processing procedures and is capable of functioning in various languages and with multiple currencies at a cross-border issuing and acquiring level. The flexible and highly customizable system is continuously enhanced, catering to all business integration models and blending seamlessly into any existing environment. The userfriendly yet sophisticated account structure allows for customizable authorization, credit line and reporting levels while ensuring users are able to enter, query and update customer and merchant data with increased efficiency and accuracy. For maximized security levels, CMS is integrated with a fraud detection and prevention application and is able to define and implement customized risk management strategies based on over 200 user-defined variables to maximize efficiency while minimizing risk.
Cardholder Functionalities
Recycling – Producing – Encoding – Replacing with or without fees – Renewal – Periodic fees generation – Confidential codes generation – Generation of EMV data – Limit management – Supplementary card management – Claims management.
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