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Vehicle Identification (VID) Solution

OPS is an integral part of vehicle identification (VID) station automation solutions and can be incorporated simply through a small antenna reader attached to the nozzles for contactless reading of the FuelOpass device installed in the vehicle. However, for the convenience of clients, the VID can also be integrated into other station automation systems. The OPS station infrastructure can also be used for tracking personnel activity and attendant shift management by reading the attendants contactless tags to authorize the pump for FuelOpass refueling. The system covers all the refueling stages including identifying the vehicle in need of fuel, releasing the pump according to the correct fuel type and logging the transaction.
The vehicle information is extracted through a nozzle antenna device upon insertion into a vehicle equipped with a vehicle identification unit. It is checked for authorization before allowing the release of fuel to the vehicle while ensuring the fuel is charged to the specified bank. The refueling process is then automatically stopped upon the removal of the nozzle from the fuel tank. Being a completely automated process, the solution reduces potential fraud attempts while a centralized head office is provided for online monitoring and reporting for fleet vehicles refueling activity enabling tight management and fuel control by fleet managers.
VID solution provides clients with a complete customizable solution incorporating advance loyalty programs developed by cutting edge technology. The non-proprietary architecture enables scalable and flexible systems and allows remote access for enhanced management facilities. The solution is based on vast payment network expertise and can support both cash and cashless transactions.
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