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OMA Emirates


The FuelOpass is the vehicle ID unit located around the fuel inlet of the vehicle and transfers data via wireless communication from the nozzle antenna reader. The FuelOpass carries vital information such as the bank account to be charged, plate number, fleet code and fuel type. The DataPass reads the vehicle odometer and engine hours. A cost effective passive FuelOpass is also available for vehicles that do not require odometer and engine hour data. The system uses advanced security mechanisms and optional removal protection for maximum protection against fraud.
The FuelOpass system is a retail and commercial in-house petrol station automation solution that can be applied to various business models including pre-paid, postpaid, self-serviced, attendant management, discounted rates and customer loyalty programs as well as supports many dispensers and tank level gauging models. The solution features remote capabilities as well as alarm monitoring and supports many payment methods including cash, credit/ debit coupons, fuel cards, contactless tags and vehicle identifications. The solution can also be applied on tanker trucks through mobile station automation applications.
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