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OMA Emirates

OMA Petrol Solutions

OMA Petrol Solutions (OPS) specializes in end-to-end system solutions for the petrol industry including complete station automation, outdoor payment terminals and convenience store management. The OPS system includes advanced loyalty and payment solutions based on contactless vehicle identification. OMA Emirates works both directly and through its network of strategic world-class partners with a customer database including major pioneers in the industry throughout the Middle East and Africa.
The OPS cashless automated refueling and payment solution is based on vehicle identification and is an ideal loyalty tool for oil companies and dealers targeting vehicle fleets and private motorist partnerships through offering cost saving services. A vehicle identification unit protected by smartcard encryption technology is installed on every vehicle and holds the account to be charged as well as other vehicle information such as fuel type, plate number, fleet ID, odometer and engine hours.
The OPS infrastructure offers stations, dealers and oil companies advanced services and a loyalty tool for fleets and private motorists as vehicles carrying the FuelOpass device will only refuel at the respective stations. OPS system also automatically collects the odometer reading and the engine hour data from vehicles to generate advanced reports such as fuel consumption and scheduled maintenance amongst others.
OPS Benefits:
  • • Self-serviced without the need for interaction with a payment terminal
  • • Tracks attendant’s activity and automates petrol station processes
  • • Eliminates costly mistakes such as refueling with the wrong type of fuel
  • • Enables refueling limits set by fleet managers
  • • Fast refueling process significantly reduces waiting time at stations
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