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OMA Emirates

Instant Issuance

Advantage M8


Advantage M8 instant issuance embosser makes the ideal all-in-one solution allowing users to encode magnetic strip, program smart chip, print (mono or color), emboss/indent and tip in one pass. The Advantage M8 can reduce customer wait times from weeks to minutes. The Advantage M8 card embosser provides you with the ability to eliminate card delivery failure due to theft and reduce fraud impact of stolen cards. The M8 makes it easy to issue financial or loyalty cards instantly to customers for immediate use.


Product overview


  •   Instant card issuance
  •   Dual side print
  •   Each cassette has 3 hoppers (50 Cards per hopper)
  •   Program smart chips both contact & contactless
  •   Emboss/ indent and tip in one pass
  •  Magnetic stripe encoding
  •   Color and Monochrome thermal printing
  •   Software lock
  •   Optional number of card Input hoppers (0-15) (Up to 750 Card Total)\


  •   Reduce customer wait times from weeks to minutes.
  •   Maximize customer face time in your location.
  •   Create account lift with instantly available cards.
  •   Enjoy 'top of wallet' benefit with unique personalization.
  •   Increase opportunities to cross sell other products.
  •   Eliminate card delivery failure due to theft.
  •   Reduce fraud impact of stolen cards.
  •   Anchors for bolting down the embosser to its station.


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