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OMA Emirates

Instant Issuance



Compact desktop embosser and encoder for secure decentralized financial card issuance and other instant issuance card applications a credit/debit or loyalty card can be personalized in less than 30 seconds! The maxima 120 i plus deliver top card personalization quality at a great price point! The maxima 120 i plus incorporate embossing, front and rear indenting and tipping. They are available with all card encoding features such as magnetic stripe, contact and contactless. The maxima 120 i plus feature a 120 characters “daisy wheel” for embossing, front and rear indent. They are available with a full range of country specific characters and thus can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Maxima series: convenient, user friendly & versatile, the maxima series can easily be adapted into a variety of environments and applications. Available with many options such as variable drum capacity, embossing, infill, tipping, magnetic stripe, contact and contactless management, the maxima series meets the requirements of visa and mastercard for standard credit and debit card personalization.

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