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Instant Issuance

Javelin Multi-Hopper Kiosk


The Javelin Multi-Hopper Kiosk card printer is designed for self-service Kiosks instant issuance applications of personalized PVC cards. With up to 8 hoppers the Javelin Kiosk is flexible, designed for easy integration to create a cost effective and innovative kiosk. NBS Kiosk offers an all in one solution with high quality full color and monochrome printing single or dual sided with included reject function to retrieve defective and uncollected cards.

Product Overview

  •   Number of hoppers is 1, 2, 4, 6 or 8
  •   Designed for easy kiosk integration.
  •   Prints in color or monochrome.
  •   1, 2, 4 hoppers available 150, 300 or 500 card hoppers.
  •   6 and 8 hopper configuration can only have 150 cards.

  •   Single or Dual sided printing.
  •   Supports multiple encoding options - See Specification list.
  •   *NEW Pre-embossed print head upgrade now available.
  •   Easy read LCD screen.
  •   Robust dust protection outer casing to deal with day to day uses.
  •   Single and multi tray hopper options.
  •   Hopper capacity options - 150, 300 or 500 cards.
  •   Supports multiple encoding options.

  •   Metal structure.
  •   Dust protection cover.
  •   High volume card printing and dispensing.

  •   Detachable card hoppers.
  •   Low card alert.
  •   LCD display for print status.
  •   USB interface.
  •   Driver, DLL, Data Transmission Protocol.

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