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OMA Emirates

Instant Issuance

Advantage M20


The Advantage M20 is part of the NBS Advantage embosser family of products. Secure, reliable and affordable, the Advantage M20 has been designed specifically for the instant personalization and issuance of EMV compliant debit and/or credit cards. The Advantage M20 includes a stainless steel 120-character daisy wheel for embossing, together with simultaneous front and rear indenting. A full range of international characters is available which makes this a truly universal embosser and suitable for all markets around the globe.

product overview
  •   Instant card issuance
  •   Program smart chips both contact & contactless
  •   Emboss, indent, encode (include), tip in one pass
  •   Magnetic stripe encoding
  •   Color and Monochrome thermal printing
  •   Software lock
  •   100-card hopper for automatic card feeding
  •   120 character embossing wheel


  •   Dual (front & rear) indent available.
  •   Anchors for bolting down the embosser to its operating station.
  •   High/low coercivity magnetic stripe encoding.
  •   Contact and contactless smart card personalization or both.
  •   Triple DES encryption.
  •   100-card hopper for automatic card feeding.
  •   Exception card input feeder.
  •   Access cover secured with electronic lock under software control.

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