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OMA Emirates

E-Voucher Components

The system is divided into six distinct modules or products:
  • E-Voucher - Delivered with a PIN used to top up airtime or activate a service
  • E-TopUp - Direct top up or product activation with integration to vendor
  • E-Payment - Enables payments of bills (for postpaid service)or product orders
  • E-Card - Virtually stored value card such as cash, gift or loyalty cards or accounts
  • M-Transfer - Enables value transfer between mobile phone accounts
  • M-Buy - Enables small purchases using mobile phone Each of these products allows customers to handle various transactions like airtime top-up, ticket sale, lottery sale, etc. through different channels including:
  • Mobile phone
  • POS terminal
  • EPOS
  • Kiosk
  • Internet
  • ATM’s
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