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OMA Emirates

Parking Solutions

OMA Emirates provides unattended terminals and payment applications for acceptance of cards as a mode of payment while parking. The solution offers quick and easy payment of parking fees with hardware and software that will allow payment through credit and debit cards.

OMA Emirates provides a solution that will expand and enhance payment collection in parking areas throughout the country.

Being a leading service provider in space of Cards and Payments, OMA Emirates has developed a project partnering with leading Parking Contactors allowing customers to use their credit or debit cards to pay for parking using the unattended payment stations.

This solution combines a highly secure unattended payment module, which processes payments with magnetic strip and EMV cards while preventing data theft and cloning. The solution was developed in UAE, in accordance to local regulatory requirements, and provides total protection and peace of mind to end users.

With an integrated payment solution based on a secure PIN Pad and secure card reader (iUP250 and iUR250), Ingenico's solutions also meet the most advanced security requirements to include contactless capability (with the iUC180b). This will be the first contactless transaction device to be launched in the market which is approved by the PCI security standards council
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