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OMA Emirates

E-Insurance Solution

E-Insurance solution allows all insurance procedures to be completely electronic including providing customers with policy information, allowing customers to complete and submit insurance claims as well as provide policy makers with audit guidelines. The E-Insurance card holds important information for customers including basic medical information related to the bearer, insurance policy details and medical outlets covered under the insurance policy. Security is also ensured for both the policy makers and the policy holder with integration of personal pin codes biometric based security mechanisms to avoid unlawful use of stolen or lost cards. E-Insurance offers prompt and secure verification of entitlement based on prior configurations or set rules via a central, high-availability system.
When transactions take place, bearer’s records are automatically updated and transmitted to the insurance provider over a network connection. All information remains on the card as long as the policy holder retains his insurance policy thus upon expiry of the card, only the expiry date requires updation.
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