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OMA Emirates

EMAM Management System(EMS)

EMAM Management System (EMS) is a Web Centralized System for Mosques Management and Emam affairs at the local regional and national levels open to local and regional authorities. Its main objectives is to include the creation of a central database of all mosques and religious attendants, streamlining the management of mosques, monitoring of careers and the organization of religious activities.
Its technical capabilities include
  • • Full web for both administration and exploitation
  • • Central system 3-tier architecture opened to Districts
  • • Exchanges encrypted over VPN and SSL.
  • • OS independent: Linux, Windows, UNIX.
  • • Arabic language: All user interfaces and reports are in Arabic

EMS works as a close monitoring system for competent local authorities. Thus, any event or decision concerning a mosque or an attendant, shared by the local authorities is instantly disseminated at regional and central levels for information or validation.
  • Updated centralized database of all mosques and religious attendants while sharing of necessary information among local entities with a leak-proof for certain decisions.
  • Real-time dissemination of information to who is the concerned personnel, with clarified and configurable abilities according to the processed information.
  • Reduced time and unification of administrative procedures and increasing transparency in the management of mosques and attendants affairs.
  • Rationalization of spending on mosques and improving services to attendants.
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