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OMA Emirates

Re-Transfer Printers



The SUNLIGHT LUX is ideal for every personalization requirement; whatever you need the SUNLIGHT LUX is the printer for you! Produces high quality graphics, images, text, bar codes, and with available options for secure smart card and magnetic stripe encoding.

The SUNLIGHT LUX printing system has proven functionality and offers significant advantages in terms of easy-of-use, reliability and eco-compatibility. In particular, the 32 MB internal memory grants a significant increase in printing speed.

The new SUNLIGHT LUX is ideal for small and medium sized production batch and for businesses looking for a card printing and encoding system that offers high performance, is professional and secure, and at the same time still user-friendly.

The SUNLIGHT LUX also has a more modern, compact, sleek design, allowing for ease of accommodation with any desktop configuration.

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