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Part of new generation of unattended devices, the Open/2500 offers the best of transport and payment worlds to meet all your open payment requirements. Highest security PCI PTS 5.1 certified, the Open/2500 is natively designed to meet local regulations and ensure long-term compliance. Contactless, NFC Payment The Open/2500 enables all contactless payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover, CUP, Interact, Flash, ApplePay, GooglePay… and many more! All ticketing media and applications The Open/2500 is able to manage all digital tickets: closed-loop cards (Mifare®, Desfire®...), NFC devices, contactless tickets, QR codes (through external optional camera), mobile apps (through Bluetooth).... Thanks to Paragon ID’s expertise, provided as part of the fruitful partnership with Ingenico, the open payment terminals are able to handle all kinds of future ticketing media and new transport applications. Customer version The Open/2500 consumer version add the Power over Ethernet (PoE) to ease integration and supply the device up to 48V DC. Fits for toll, access control, EV charging. Transportation version The Open/2500 transportation version is compliant with automotive and railways standards. Thanks to the additional removable battery, the internal battery lifetime is extended to the device’s lifetime and avoid any removal from the field to change it. Easy mechanical integration in embedded validators Thanks to its flush design and visible hitting area, the Open/2500 fits in a steel gate (metro, railways) where its I/O ports can control the turnstile. The visible part includes the RVB backlit landing zone and 6 rows of 4 LEDs. Powerful, with multiple connections Based on the most powerful processor of the Telium TETRA range with a large amount of memory, the Open/2500 has many interfaces to fit all open payment usage cases. Highly ruggedized and durable Thanks to its robust design (IK10) and high protection against water (IP65) the Open/2500 stands up to the most demanding indoor and outdoor environments.

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