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OMA Petrol Solutions, OPS specializes in end-to-end system solutions for the petrol industry including complete station automation, outdoor payment terminals and convenience store management. The OPS system includes advanced loyalty and payment solutions based on contactless vehicle identification. OMA Emirates works both directly and through its network of strategic world-class partners with a customer database including major pioneers in the industry throughout the Middle East and Africa.

The OPS cashless automated refueling and payment solution is based on vehicle identification and is an ideal loyalty tool for oil companies and dealers targeting vehicles fleets and private motorist partnerships through offering cost saving services. A vehicle identification unit protected by smartcard encryption technology is installed on every vehicle and holds the account to be charged as well as other vehicle information such as fuel type, plate number, fleet ID , odometer and engine hours.

The OPS infrastructure offers stations, dealers and oil companies advanced services for fleets and private motorists as well as a powerful loyally tool as vehicles carrying the FuelOpass device will only refuel at the respective stations. OPS system also automatically collects the odometer reading and the engine hour data from vehicles to generate advanced reports such as fuel consumption and scheduled maintenance amongst others.

OPS Benefits:

  • Self-serviced without the need for interaction with a payment terminal
  • Tracks attendant ‘ activity and automates petrol station processes
  • Eliminate costly mistakes such as refueling with the wrong type of fuel
  • Enables refueling limits set by fleet managers
  • Fast refueling process significantly reduces waiting time at stations

Vehicle identification (VID) solution

OPS is an integral part of the vehicle identification, VID, station automation solutions and can be incorporated simply through a small antenna reader attached to the nozzles for contactless reading of the FuelOpass device installed in the vehicle, however, for the convenience of clients, the VID can also be integrated into other station automation systems. The OPS station infrastructure can also be used for tracking personnel activity and attendant shift management by reading the attendants contactless tags to authorize the pump for FuelOpass refueling. The system covers all the refueling stages including identifying the vehicle in need of fuel, releasing the pump according to the correct fuel type and logging the transaction.

The Vehicle information is extracted through a nozzle antenna device upon insertion into a vehicle equipped with a vehicle identification unit and checked for authorization before allowing the release of fuel to the vehicle while ensuring the fuel is charged to the specified bank. The refueling process is then automatically stopped upon the removal of the nozzle from the fuel tank. Being a completely automated process, the solution reduces potential fraud attempts while a centralized Head Office is provided for online monitoring and reporting for fleet vehicles refueling activity enabling tight management and fuel control by fleet managers.

Our VID solution provides clients with a complete customizable solution incorporating advance loyalty programs developed by cutting edge technology. The non-proprietary architecture enables scalable and flexible systems and allows remote access for enhanced management facilities. The solution is based on vast payment network expertise and can support both cash and cashless transactions.

Retail Payment Terminals - RPT

The RPT is an outdoor payment terminal for both attendant and self-services applications. The terminals support both cash and cashless payments including debit/credit cards, fuel cards, loyalty cards, cash cards, chip cards and contactless tags and can be fully integrated with third party station automation systems. The robust and vandal proof design is configured with pole and wall mounts, fits directly on all popular dispensers and features compact receipt printers.


The FuelOpass is the vehicle ID unit located around the fuel inlet of the vehicle and transfers data via wireless communication from the nozzle antenna reader. The FuelOpass carries vital information such as the bank account to be charged, plate number, fleet code and fuel type. The DataPass reads the vehicle odometer and engines hours. A cost effective passive FuelOpass is also available for vehicles that do not require odometer and engine hour data. The system uses advanced security mechanisms and optional removal protection for maximum protection against fraud.

The FaulOpass system is a retail and commercial in-house petrol station automation solution that can be applied to various business models including pre-paid, postpaid, self-serviced, attendant management, discounted rates and customer loyalty programs and supports many dispensers and tank level gauging models. The solution features remote capabilities and alarm monitoring and supports many payment methods including cash, credit /debit coupons, fuel cards, contactless tags and vehicle identifications. The solution can also be applies on tanker trucks through mobile station automation applications.

Convenience Store Management

OMA Emirates strives to provide efficient and effective management solutions for both wet and dry stock sales at petrol stations. The POS systems feature user-friendly icons to provide cashiers with fast and simple access. The POS systems are equipped with all tools necessary for sales of both wet and dry goods such as barcode readers, touch screens, receipt printers, customer displays, cash drawers and card readers. The systems also support multiple cashiers at a single station.

The branch Office System (BOS) and retail Head Office System (HOS) offer a complete management solution designed to insure information availability, integrity and efficient management. The solutions maximize petrol station’s profit potential and minimize operation costs by offering features such as shift management and reconciliation, price definition, sales trending, alarms and remote maintenance capabilities. The advanced system is modular and can be easily configured to comply with individual retailer or company requirements including interface with other ERP and accounting systems. It can also later be upgraded to broaden the services required for growing business.

Nozzle Antenna

The nozzle antenna is a small ring located on the nozzle and incorporates a wireless connection point that reads the vehicle FuelOpass device. If the nozzle is removed from the vehicle fuel inlet, the refueling process will automatically stop thus preventing potential fraud. The nozzle antenna also reads a station‘s attendant petrol authorizer.

Wireless Terminal

The wireless terminal reads decrypted information and sends vehicle data to the station automation system for authentication. It can be incorporated into any payment terminal and has no human interface. The small dimensions enable flexible installation either at the dispenser or at outdoor payment terminals on the isle or in the office and can interface with 8 or 16 nozzle antennas at a time.

Forecourt Controller

In addition to its general station automation capabilities the Forecourt Controller also reports OPS refueling scenarios and data. The OPS can integrate easily with third party station automation systems performing identical vehicle identification and attendant tracking capabilities. The server is an optional centralized management and reporting server which provide FuelOpass with refueling reports and exception reports. It can also be used for online authorization of the FuelOpass refueling at stations with preset limits.