NanoSwitch ATM

OMA Emirates NanoSwitch - A Secure ATM Solution

NanoSwitch - A Secure and Innovative Online Solution for ATM Transactions

Why NanoSwitch

Our NanoSwitch ATM can be configured to multiple banks, many languages, deals with numerous currencies and offers users a wide variety of services as follows.


  • Best practices of object-oriented technologies & N-Tier architecture
  • Settlement in multiple currencies (i.e. EURO’s, Dollars, AED, Etc…)
  • Multilingual Easy interfaces


  • EMV Compliant
  • PCI Compliant
  • Modular

Security & Fraud Management

  • File and data encryptions
  • Network & transaction security
  • Triple DES compliant


  • ERPs
  • Core Banking
  • POS/ATM/Web/Mobile
  • Back office

EFT Processing and Switch are at the core of our business. OMA Emirates has been providing Nano-Switch solutions for clients for over four decades, and our Switch business makes up a large and strategically important proportion of our business. You can rest assured that in selecting OMA Emirates as your switch provider, you are partnering with market leaders who are committed to deliver a rock-solid, reliable service to its customers.


NanoSwitch Front-Office

  • NanoSwitch POS
  • NanoSwitch E-Commerce
  • NanoSwitch M-Commerce
  • NanoSwitch ATM
  • Association Interface
  • Third Party Interface

NanoSwitch Back-Office

  • NanoSwitch Authorisation
  • NanoSwitch Switch
  • Card Management System – Debit, Credit, Prepaid
  • NanoSwitch Merchant Module
  • NanoSwitch Fraud Management
  • NanoSwitch Association Management
  • Transaction clearing and settlement
  • Third party C&S