NanoPerso - OMA Emirates' Card Personalization Solution

NanoPerso - OMA Emirates' Card Personalization Solution

NanoPerso is a turnkey in-house card personalization solution integrating software, hardware and services for all types of card supports, including magnetic stripe, chip and NFC. Online operations are done for each card to be personalized througha HSM to enhance key management operation.

NanoPerso allows banks to operate centralized and/or branch issuance. With a user-friendly interface and customizable settings as well as the flexibility to interface with multiple CMS systems in the market, our EMV card personalization system -NANOPERSO- is the ultimate choice for all businesses interested in adapting EMV cards. It also supports batch printing and encoding which in turn increases efficiency for users

The components are all EMV certified with predefined EMV profiles and the ability to implement any specific program.

The solution also includes all necessary software packages and hardware:

  • Perso Machines
  • HSM for Encryption and D'ecryption of EMV perso files
  • Pinpads for PIN Entry

OMA Emirates also provides card personalization as a managed service. More than 20 references in Europe, Middle East and Asia.