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Our EFT POS application processes all types of payment cards through real-time authorization in a secure payment environment using key management systems such as Master/session Key, Racal Transaction Key Scheme and Derived Unique Key interacting with any payment service provider. Certified by ADVT and TIP, it supports EMV cards and is able to perform multiple hosts routing. The fast paced deployment of private cards, gift cards and phone top-up cards mean transaction queues are minimized for users. To help businesses keep track of their transactions, the EFT POS application generates various reports with just one click including daily deposit reports, operator reporters, batch reports, outstanding balance reports etc.

Its flexibility, accuracy, security speed and low EFT processing cost makes this payment option ideal for businesses of all sizes and industries allowing for instant account to account payment transfers for retailers and customers. Its dynamic menu based screen, multilingual support and multi-currency conversion ability combined with the simple installation process makes this payment option ideal for all users.

The EFT POS application is compatible with ISO 8583, APACS 30, APACS 50, VISA MDC, SG TMS protocol and SPAN2 protocol and operates through dial up, TCP /IP, GSM/GPRS, Bluetooth and FTP.